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his French friends were on Tinder for one reason: “to meet unique people.” He emphasized the open-mindedness of the French, and how an app like Tinder complements their intrinsic desire to have a wide range of friends … He was such a soulful, beautiful person that I fell in love with him instantly — as a friend.Us two random, romantic wanderers never would have met if it weren’t for Tinder … (Solo travelers, On my last day in Paris, an un-tucked, overworked French entrepreneur named Pierre sailed into my hotel lobby via Tinder.Because as one user says, "But whether we're from India or America, people - in love - are all the same."You can read the entire thread here.Things didn’t pan out in London, where I had to swipe 70 times before finding anyone worth the hangover.After a series of unfortunate events, she moved in at the same student house.So, what started as housemate banter soon transformed into serious discussions and that eventually led to a relationship.

However, the most potent ingredient that one would need to start a relationship is good food. Mind you, I had started digging in the food with my hands like a true Indian. I never brought knives from home because rarely did I ever use cutlery for my food.It all started with an impromptu dinner plan with one of his friends who brought a girl along.She loved Indian food and that piqued his interest. ", I was sold, I mean how often do you find an American who loves Indian food.As someone very wise once said, you will never find it if you are actively looking for it, love only graces when you are least expecting -- it is the paradox but it also is the key.And every relationship comes with its own set of blessings and issues, slightly more so if one is in an inter-racial relationship.

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